Hello there.

I am a marketing and communications professional experienced in leading teams in B2B and B2C strategy and execution. My background is heavy in content with a sizable dose of brand positioning, design, marketing, coding, and way, way back in the day, bussing tables, bagging groceries, and stocking nuts and bolts. It's all about service.

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Some of the things I do

Gimme Some Content

I got my first job related to content in 2002 and have been at it every which way since then. Whether it's helping you frame an issue, tell your story, develop a content strategy, engage with fans, make presentations, manage contributors, or pen my own piece, I've done it.

Make It Useful, Usable

I've designed brands, services, and experiences. I've taught design to college upperclassmen, haggled over front-end code, performed user testing, pushed pixels, managed designers, and worked with printers.

Now, Gimme Some Data

What is all this for if not to convert folks in to fans? All of everything must support the business or the business dies. Data acquisition is key.

You want ads? I gotcha covered.

Whether it's driving people to your website for content or conversions, I have experience ranging from SEM to retargeting to social media ads.